Hire me

Hiring and support

I am a programmer interested in working with you remotely. I have more than 5 years of experience delivering fast and quality software.

You can hire me to:

  • Develop and design a web page
  • Help with your programming task
  • Software development for any platform
  • Help with your code
  • Programming in any language (Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript, etc.)
  • Clone a software
  • Request a tutorial of certain thing
  • Anything that has to do with computer science

I am interested in working with you remotely to bring your idea to reality, be part of your team of developers, help you with your task, give advice and everything related to technology and programming.

You can contact me here.

Remember that I have experience with databases, web programming, desktop software programming, computer security, Android programming, and so on.

If you want, you can look at my portfolio to measure my experience. You can also browse my blog to measure my experience, or view my projects on GitHub.