The only difference is that the premium version does not have the header neither the footer that says The premium plugin cost is specified in dollars:

25.00 USD

I recommend you to make tests with the free version and then buy the premium one if you want. If it works with the free version, it will work with the premium version. Please note:

  1. In order to switch from free to premium version first stop the free version from the task manager and then start the premium version. You should not change anything else. Remember that the premium version will only work in the domain list you request to me
  2. The payment is a one-time payment and you can use it in unilimited clientes and unlimited time. The only restriction is the domains list where the plugin will work (please look the next item)
  3. When you buy the premium version you can use it in 1 domain or subdomain. A domain is something like '' and a subdomain is something like '', if you want to add more than one domain you can add each one for:

    2.00 USD

  4. You can also buy a domain with unlimited subdomains. Each unlimited domain includes the domain itself and any subdomain. The cost for each one is:

    25.00 USD

  5. You cannot remove domains from the list. Each change or addition has a cost.
  6. There's no free support or help. I can gladly help you with the plugin by an extra cost not included when you buy the premium version
  7. I don't make refunds

How to buy?

You can watch this video to get more info about what you get when you buy the premium plugin:

  1. Please read the FAQ and the conditions listed before because I don't make any refunds
  2. Make the payment in If you are inside México and you don't have Paypal you can make a wire transfer. More info here (in spanish)
  3. Once you have made the payment, send me a message at
  4. I will confirm the payment and will send you the plugin ASAP. I use to send it in the past 12 hours