How to redirect in Spring Boot

Redirect in the Spring Boot framework

In this post I will show you how to redirect or direct the user to another URL within the method of a controller in the Spring Boot framework.

Redirecting to another URL in Spring Boot is very useful when the user does a certain action and we must return it to the main page.

Send to another route in Spring Boot

To make a redirect, simply create the method in the Controller and return a String.

Within the method, return a string with the following format:


Example to redirect in Spring Boot

Let’s see a very simple example. I have my Spring Boot controller called, inside it I must do a redirect within the method called guardarProducto.

To do this, I do the following:

On line 2 I define the method; It is very important to return a String.

Finally on line 4 we redirect to /productos/agregar using redirect:.

When the user calls that method, a redirect to that route will be done, after saving the Producto entity.

Important note:

Do not put the @ResponseBody annotation in the definition of your method, because if you do, the redirect will not work.

How to redirect in Spring Boot

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